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Vintage findings 20 mm Some discoloration, view all pictures for better judgment
Vintage Beads 10 mm
Connector Beads 10 mm
11mm Peridot AB Fire Polish Gold Foiled Flat Back, Round Dometop Glass Cabochons
Vintage coral Beads 16mm
Vintage Coral Beads 20 mm
20 mm Jet Black Round Faceted Pointed Glass Cabochon Germany  Vintage
28-29 mm Natural Large Wood Beads Unfinished, Round Wooden Beige Beads Macrame 3 mm Hole Size  Please View All Pictures
Vintage Findings 21 mm
7 mm Green Moonstone, Round Pointed Glass Cabochon, Rhinestone Vintage  Germany
Vintage Cabochon 8mm
Vintage Cabs 8 mm
Vintage Cabochon 10 mm
9 mm Round Light Blue Ceramic Beads, Spacer Beads 6mm Thick Vintage
Vintage Cameo 59 mm
Aurora Borealis Glass Jet Black Faceted Beads Crafts Vintage 12 mm Please view all photos for better judgment  Size: 12mmShape:…
Aurora Borealis Glass Orange Crackle Faceted AB Beads Vintage  12 mm Please view all photos 
Aurora Borealis Iridescent Light Blue Beads Faceted Round 7 mm Vintage
Vintage Cabochon 22 mm
Vintage Flower Cabochon 42 mm
Vintage Beads 28 mm Please keep in mind, the tones/colors/shape/size vary with each piece View all pictures for better judgment 
Vintage Beads 19mm
Vintage Beads 28 mm ***Please keep in mind, the tones/colors vary with each piece. ** View all pictures for better…
Vintage Black Marquise Jewels 10 mm
Black Grey Spiral Round Beads Crafts Jewelry Making Vintage  30 mm Please view all photos for better judgment, these pieces…
Vintage Cabochon 40mm  Country/Region of Manufacture: Hong Kong Material: Acrylic-resin Color: Black MPN: 255 B Brand: Unbranded
Black Tube Barrel Wood Beads Crafts Jewelry Making Vintage 20 mm Please view all photos for better judgment 
Vintage Black Cabochons 25 mm
Black/White Art Deco Round Retro Cabochon Crafts Vintage Mirror-like back just a bit short of 38 mm Please view all…
Vintage Cabochon 32 X 42 mm
Vintage Blue Cabochon 18 mm
Blue Faceted Cube Square Beads Crafts Vintage Jewelry Making  11.5 mm Please view all photos for better judgment

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