Rocking Horses Lindner Toy Catalogue c. 1840 Art Reproductions Printed in France


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  • Rocking Horses Lindner Toy Catalogue c. 1840 Quality Art Reproductions Printed in France V&A museum 
  • 22 x 28 inches
  • Until the 20th century the center of the toy making industry was firmly fixed in Germany. Salesmen and manufacturers’ agents traveled from fair to fair carrying samples of toys and dolls to show to potential customers. This was often difficult particularly when the samples were heavy. The first agent known to have produced a catalogue of illustrated toys, in 1803, was Georg Bestelmeier of Nuremberg. It consisted of individual pages, which were used to illustrate and advertise toys and were easy to carry and send. This toy catalogue is a bound volume of sample pages from the firm of Eduard and Louis Lindner of Sonneberg dating from 1840-1842. Catalogues like this are extremely rare and are important because they not only show the range of items available in the 1840s but also the price of each one.

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Louis & Eduard Lindner










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